Are you having these challenges?

    Are you having these challenges?

  • Deliberate data leaks

    Employees copy or share data on corporate devices to personal devices via USB transfer or other means.

  • Device is lost or stolen

    When corporate devices are lost or stolen, it is necessary to completely wipe all sensitive data in them.

  • Misuse of corporate resources

    Employees using corporate devices for non-work purposes, such as installing entertainment apps, will lead to lower productivity.

Diversified device security policy to safeguard corporate data

  • Enforced Security Authentication

    Configure mandatory authentication policy for devices, such as lock screen password, to protect device and data security.

  • Controlled OS Updates

  • Device Security Restrictions

  • Application Data Loss Prevention Policy (DLP)

  • Device Compliance

Enforced Security Authentication
Key Features

Key Features

  • Lock Screen Password Configuration

    Restrict access to your device with different lock screen password rules so unauthorized users cannot use your organization’s devices.

  • App Blocklist/Allowlist

    With the blocklist/allowlist features, organizations can exercise precise control over which apps can run on devices, meeting their various needs for app control.

  • Device Limitation

    Limit the use of system functions such as restore factory settings, USB file transfer, and network sharing to satisfy the application scenarios for different types of devices.

  • Configure Dedicated Operating Environment

    Provide WiFi, language, time zone, APN, and other settings to let the device run in the specific environment that you build.

How security policy protects corporate data in different industries

AirDroid Business' security policy can be customized as per business needs. This helps organizations protect corporate data while increasing device efficiency.

Protect and secure your corporate data with MDM policy today